The urban navigation accessory

Finally enjoy a simple and intuitive navigation system for your favorite means of transportation.

TomE picture

Improve your daily life with this GPS navigation system connected to your smartphone.

With just a glance, you will be able to get guided safely thanks to this ultra-intuitive device.

With Tom-E, riding has never been easier.


TomE GPS Navigation picture


Tom-E is an intuitive and universal navigation system based on light signals.

It adapts quickly and easily to different means of transportation such as scooters, bicycles, small motorbikes, strollers and other vehicles.

TomE Bluetooth connection picture


Keep your smartphone in your pocket thanks to the Bluetooth connection.

Your mobile app allows you to select your destination address, to select the means of transportation used for the ride, and once arrived, to view your trip statistics.

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A solution that you can adapt to all types of handlebars. It is universal!

You can install Tom-E very quickly, so you don't lose a minute. Its sleek design matches perfectly with your preferred means of transportation.