A companion connecting you to the biking experience.


A mobile companion connecting you to the ultimate biking experience.
We have successfully resovled three major problems that cyclists face with a single “French” solution: Wink.
Wink is a tech-savvy handlebar paired with your smartphone that tracks your trips, keeps you safe and prevents bike theft.
Discover and incorporate Wink into your biking lifestyle!

Handlebars that receives and sends the data to a portable gps


Finally burglarproof your bike

Wink alerts you in the case of bike theft and allows you to locate it alone or with the help of the authorities. It is the solution to successfully protect your bike!

Don’t go unnoticed

Wink defends you during the wee hours of the night thanks to our powerful headlights, which are incorporated into our technology. You never again have to worry about leaving your headlights at home.

Always find your way

Let yourself be guided using our cutting-edge navigation technology. Enter the final destination in your smartphone, tuck it away, and follow the ultra-bright, turn-by-turn directions emitted by lights found on your handlebars.

Finally burglarproof your bike

On average, a stolen bike is found within 2.5 miles from the original place of theft. Thanks to our localization technology developed through Wink, you know exactly where to find your bike. As a result, you are able to retrieve it, alone or with the authorities.


Partners with Velco, the police enforcement can help you retrieve your bike if you need support to do so.


The majority of stolen bikes are abandoned. If you believe that the situation is safe enough, you can retrieve it yourself.

Never go unnoticed

One of the biggest problems cyclists face is the lack of visibility. With Wink, lighting is no longer a concern since our headlights are completely integrated into the app. You can finally feel safer riding at night.


Always find your way

Our smart handlebar, linked to your mobile device, grants you the rider to fully utilize a new feature: navigation. Finding your way becomes straightforward thanks to our headlights. You simply have to enter your destination on our app, tuck it away, and follow the ultra-bright directions.