Turn your bike into a smart bike

The world's first connected handlebar

Wink Bar

Wink Bar is a smart and connected handlebar that you can control through your smartphone.
You can install it on any bike to make any bike smart!

You can benefit now from GPS-assisted navigation, geo-positioning of your bike and powerful built-in headlights.
All the necessary is now on your bike.


Our distinctions

The connected handlebar has seduced experts, both on the bike and electronic markets. We also have been selected for upcoming international awards (Eurobike 2017 and Consumer Electronic Show 2018). Follow us on our social networks to stay updated on our latest news!

Our solutions

The connected handlebar has been created for every cyclist and you can install it simply on any bike. Benefit from a navigation system, a tracking tool if you forgot where you parked your bikes or in case of theft, as well as automatic flashlights.

GPS Navigation

A revolutionary GPS navigation which allows you to get guided simply, keeping your eyes on the road for your safety.

Geolocation in case of theft

The built-in GPS allows you to track and find your bike anywhere in the world. An alarm is also integrated to deter theft.

Automatics headlights

Wink Bar makes sure that you will always be seen at night. Its powerful headlights switch on automatically depending on the ambient brightness.

Track your bike in case of theft

Never lose your bike again with our track and alarm system.


Accurate and safe tracking technology.

Worldwide coverage

Your bike remains connected everywhere in the world.

Bluetooth or RFID tag

Unlock your bike using our secure system, and prevent bike theft.

Never go unnoticed

Intelligent lighting system
Wink Bar incorporates powerful and integrated flashlights.
Be visible at any time.

224 lumens

Two modes: continuous or flashing

Automatic or manual (by the mobile application) activation

Technical specifications


Flat (mountain, fixie, electric)
Urban (electric, city)

Mobile application

For iOS & Android
Connected by Bluetooth


Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy
GSM 4 bands (worldwide)

Alarm (91 dB)

If not unlocked, alarm sound
automatically when the bike
is moved


Made from aeronautical
grade aluminium

Ultra bright flashlights

Turns on automatically
with 224 lumens


3 weeks battery life
1800 mAh Lithium Ion


Diameters: 1″ and 1″1/4
Add weight: + 200g

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