The company

The Velco Team

Velco began in 2015, when Pierre Regnier presented his concept of a bike tracker at a seminar on the subject of technological innovation. That’s when the three co-founders came together. By meeting with people from the cycling community, Velco learnt more about the problems associated with cycling and proposed to come up with a solution. That all-in-one product is the Wink Bar, a new and unique design that can be attached to any bicycle to provide navigation, safety lighting and anti-theft features.


Our goal is to offer solutions for cyclists all over the world to make their cycling experience more pleasant and safe. Velco also develops options for professional enterprises such as tour operators, delivery companies and operators for self-service bicycles, who want to provide tailored cycling routes.


The Wink Bar has received an extremely warm welcome from cyclists, shops and also bike manufacturers. Following extensive media coverage in France and internationally, hundreds of people are now excited to get their hands on the world’s first connected handlebars.


Velco now consists of 10 dedicated team members, whose passions and skills all complement each other in tirelessly working on the Wink Bar. Velco is always on the lookout for talented new teammates, and you can find out more here.

The co-founders

Pierre Regnier


With both an engineering and managerial background, Pierre was inspired to create the Wink Bar after a colleague got their bike stolen. As a keen cyclist himself, he was motivated to find a solution, and the idea for Wink Bar was born.

Romain Savouré


With 5 years of experience in embedded technology, Romain started the Velco adventure as he’s a cycling enthusiast himself. Often on his racing bike for training or riding to work, he helped develop Wink Bar as a solution to common problems he faced.

Johnny Smith


As an urban cyclist, Johnny cycles everywhere. He specializes in business development and marketing. He has a wealth of experience working for large companies as well as small start-ups.

The Team


Lead Dev

Alban has been a technology addict for at least 10 years, spending the last 6 specializing in information systems and algorithms. Loving to ride along the beach and always being in search of a challenge are reasons why Alban decided to join the Velco adventure!


App Dev

Antoine knows all the secrets of mobile app development. Precise and dedicated in his work, when he’s not cycling on his mountain bike, usually at the crack of dawn, he’s busy working on your next favorite mobile app: Wink.


App Dev

Nicolás is our international app developer ! He just biked 10.000 km across the Atlantic to come at the office to make our iOS apps shine !


Full Stack dev

David can usually be found on his beloved vintage bike. Always looking for new technologies and ideas to offer you the best features, he is always 100% involved, and brings a lot of joy to the team.



Victor is always ready to lend a helping hand. As a designer at Velco, he is in charge of photography and videos. He’s also a fan of cycling, regularly commuting to work on his green bike.


Sales representative

Freddy is our bike expert! He worked two years in a bike shop before joining the team. Very good advice, he will know which product suits you best!

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